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Dear friend Carlos, you have left very soon and too quickly.
It seems to me very soon because, having been born in the same year and in the same month as you, I believe that you could have lived for a few more years enjoying your granddaughters and your daughters, the theater, music, travel, engraving , Friends and so many other things that satisfied you, but …
You could have gone slower to get us to the idea that it might happen, maybe time to say goodbye. I know we did not choose the time or the way to go, but you left without making a noise, without any discomfort, without interrupting the work or not doing the people who loved you and who we still want. They say that leaving this way, without warning, without waiting, allows us to remember you with the face of always, without the traces of prolonged illness and suffering. Remember your open, broad gaze wanting to see beyond, your gray beard that at one time was toasted in the vicinity of the lips by the effect of nicotine. Your energetic and affectionate words …
Thanks Carlos for your work in Acción Educativa, an association that you helped create with a small group of people. Here you left the best years of work, here was an essential part of your work and professional life. From a table stretcher, as always defined, was growing to become an educational reference of many people and institutions. The Summer School was the festive and reflective encounter of hundreds first, and then thousands, of teachers who shared their concerns and experiences. There you were, in a constant coming and going, so that everything worked well, so that the courses, workshops, conferences, playful activities were always adequate. It is true that we were many who were trying at the same time.
Thank you Carlos for teaching us that children’s theater was, in the early eighties, and still is now, a very serious thing, that deserves care and respect because children, however small, can enjoy and appreciate the quality And the warmth of the shows prepared for them.
This one of the children’s theater was one of your main efforts, even when you criticized the ASSITEJ (International Association of Theater for Children and Youth) in the book Theater, Image, Animation of the year 1983. The same Association that in 2017 granted the Award Aplauso to all your professional career in the theater.
The wind that has pushed you in life has been the theater, you said in the writing that you sent in the collection of the award. Fruit of that passion and that wind have been the International Weeks of Theater of Educational Action, a legacy that continues in spite of the difficulties and the changes. Perhaps it would be worth it if these International Weeks took your name next to the Action Educational, although you were not the only one to start them, but the one that gave you the most enthusiasm and work.
Thank you Carlos for your friendship, for your love for me and for my family. We still remember the fortuitous encounter in London and the boat trip on the Thames with you and Vicent, from which you sent us photos.
Thank you for the prints that you sent me from time to time by mail, especially when you had some external recognition, thanks for the drawings that, at the end of one of the Educational Action Boards, you had done with care and care while listening and thinking. Thanks for the texts that, from time to time, you shared. From the last one you sent me from Charles Chaplin, I want to select some thoughts that will help us who are still living:
«When I really loved myself, I began to understand why it is offensive to try to force a situation or a person, only to achieve what I want, even knowing that it is not the time or that the person (maybe myself) is not prepared . Today I know that the name of that is … respect.
When I truly loved myself, I began to get rid of everything that was not healthy: people and situations, everything and anything that pushed me down. At first my reason called selfishness to that attitude. Today I know it’s called … love for oneself.
When I truly loved myself, I understood that my mind can torment me and disappoint me. But when I put it to the service of my heart, it is a valuable ally. And this is … how to live!
We should not be afraid to question ourselves … Even the planets collide and stars are born out of chaos. »
Thanks for everything. A loving memory that I hope will last a long time in the minds and hearts of those who we met and loved you.
Fidel Revilla
June 26, 2017.